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Attractive, durable and sustainable

Our new range of Agee Bamboo kitchen products are not only an attractive addition to any kitchen, but they are also very kind to the planet.
Made from fast-growing, sustainable bamboo, one of mother natures most versatile plants, these products are durable and easy to care for.

Agee Tip

Keep your Agee bamboo cutting board clean by using hot soapy water immediately after use.

Agee bamboo product range

Bamboo ProductS

These bamboo products will look great in any kitchen.

Agee small bamboo dish rack

Small Bamboo Dish Rack


Agee large bamboo dish rack

Large Bamboo Dish Rack


Agee bamboo recipe book stand

Recipe Book Stand


Agee Bamboo cutting board set of 4

Bamboo Cutting Board Set of 4


Agee Bamboo cutting board set of 4

Bamboo Cutting Board


Agee tea box 6 section

Tea Box 6 Section


Agee timber kitchen ruler

Kitchen Ruler Wood


Agee timber kitchen ruler

Expanding Bamboo Spice Rack


Agee bamboo tea box display

“I use several tea boxes, not just for loose tea, but for spices and other small ingredients. I keep them on an open kitchen shelf because they look so nice.”

Where to Buy

Agee products can be found at many of your favourite specialty kitchen & homeware stores.